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     My philosophy of education is the belief that all children can learn given the opportunity and support.  As as an educator working in an urban elementary classroom I recognize that all children can learn but they have different learning styles.  Urban children come with many barriers and it is my responsibility to be understanding of their outside concerns and educate them to great success.  Through my teaching I must teach to the understanding of  young minds and help students achieve their full potential.

            I must expose my students to a positive learning climate and realize that each student brings a unique experience to the classroom.  In the ever changing world of technology it is important for me to use a variety of instructional strategies and assessments to encourage student development of higher order thinking skills, 

            I understand children learn and develop at different stages and that I must provide them with learning opportunities that supports their intellectual, social and personal development.  It is critical that I foster a relationship with school colleagues, parents and agencies in the larger community to support my student’s learning and well being.  I must be a reflective practitioner who continuously evaluates the effects of my choices on others, such as students, parents, and other professionals in the learning community, and must actively seek out opportunities to continue to grow as a professional.  Furthermore, I believe that I must have great expectations for my student’s achievement in addition to probing questions that promote critical thinking. Students must be able to obtain innovative knowledge through the processes of discovery and creative activity in order to gain a superior perspective of our global community and economy.

            Teaching is a learning process that includes understanding, academic concepts, creating diverse learning environments, examining higher order thinking skills, being self-reflective, and understanding that all children do not learn at the same speed.

             I must display positive behavior at all times to encourage my students that they to need to display such behavior.  Albert Bandura (1977, 1986, Stanford University psychologist) is one of the most important contemporary exponents of the social learning theory.  Bandura states “ Children learn by observing the behavior of others and imitating and modeling their behavior.” (Gruesec, 1992) Recognizing that children do imitate what they see is so important for an educator to recognize.  Educators must display appropriate behavior at all times because our children are watching. 

            Believing that all children can learn, I will continue to keep abreast of the new techniques to enhance student centered  learning.  By creating effective ways to use new techniques and reflecting on key points of different learning theories I can assure myself that I will not allow any child to be left out of progressing to their full potential.

            In conclusion, I truly believe that all children can learn given the proper instructions, support and role models.  Children need educators who care about their profession and understand  that the educating of the children is their main goal. 

       I have committed my life to educating urban students and will continue to grow in education.  This portfolio is a collections of my endeavors.  It represents my efforts and commitment to continual growth and professional development in education.






Words mean more than what is put down on paper.  It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.

                                                                            -Maya Angelou-

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